CELLSCOPE-ENG has been designed to meet the high demands of regular daily use by engravers or large inventory customers. A solid and stable microscope capable of delivering high accuracy measurements combined with an XY positioning base for rapid location of cells makes the CELLSCOPE-ENG an every day tool for the print environment.  





Supplied with X4, X10, X20, X40 Objective lenses

​Features include coarse focus to accommodate varying cylinder diameters (50mm min dia), fine focus with 1micron resolution digital depth gauge for depth measurement (2000 micron travel) XY positioning stage to easily locate features (25mm in both X and Y), cylinder feet  covered with Polyolefin sleeving to prevent damage to cylinders, variable LED illuminator and trinocular nosepiece.

​Upgrade with a Digital megapixel colour camera for use with Cellstore measurement software