Leftover ink after cleaning causes plugging of the cells. Small amounts of ink can remain at the bottom of the cells which reduces the Volume of your Anilox cylinder. Use the Cellscope to inspect the bottom of the cells to ensure that the cleaning process has been successful and no ink remains

Anilox Inspection Microscope

In the image opposite you can see that a worn cylinder will have a flattening and widening of the Cell walls. This reduces the Cell opening and reduces the amount of ink each Cell can hold, again affecting the Volume of the Anilox.  The vertical line in the image is produced by a problem with the Doctor Blade, possibly contamination or a damaged Doctor Blade. This is a continuous scratch around the Anilox referred to as Scoring which produces lines in the print.




An Eyepiece Graticule can also be fitted to determine the Screen or Line count of the Anilox in both Lines per inch or Lines per Centimeter.


Webtech’s unique smartphone adaptor allows any device to be used to capture images directly from Cellscope. Capture images for in-house quality control or share with others to discuss and diagnose Anilox issues.

Checking Cell depth using the in-built digital indicator is an easy way to monitor wear.
A reduction in the specified Cell depth will be a result of contamination in the Cell or flattening of the Cell wall. Any reduction in Cell depth will affect the Volume of the Anilox.

The Volume ​of your Anilox can be reduced due to insufficient cleaning, damage or wear. Not being able to check this can lead to rollers being put in to the press that will not produce the desired result.

Use the Cellscope to check your Anilox after cleaning to determine if the Anilox is press-ready.

Eliminate problems before they hit the press.

  • 1µm digital Depth Gauge
  • Magnetic feet
  • Single X40 Objective
  • X10 and X20 Eyepiece


  • Rugged Aluminium design
  • Simple single ring focus mechanism
  • Dual magnification 400X and 800X
  • LED battery illuminator for full portability
  • Hardwearing waterproof storage case